Emerging Proud Through Suicide

Steve Carr contributing author

Having survived multiple suicide attempt's, I wanted to share my valuable insights into rebuilding life and have co-authored this pocketbook of transformation and hope. 

Have you ever felt a strong compulsion to take your life because things have got too painful or overwhelming? 

Has your life been affected by someone close to you who took their own life? 

Do you sometimes wonder what the point of being alive is? If so, you are not alone, everyone who features in this book has been affected in the same way. 

In this third edition of our Pocketbooks of Hope and Transformation series, you’ll discover 16 stories of people who have felt just like you. From experiencing suicidal ideation, the tortuous pain of losing someone to suicide, to losing all sense of hope for a better life, these stories showcase ordinary people from across the globe who all experienced issues around suicide which pushed them to the edge.

For many, their experiences were an invitation to step powerfully into a life of greater self-compassion, healing and finding meaning and purpose, which was born out of the depths of their darkness. 

If you are still sitting in the darkness, our wish is that this book brings you some sense of hope for better days to come

Click the picture to buy your copy

Click the picture to buy your copy