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After losing my brother in a tragic car accident in my early teens, I battled with 25 years of drug addiction which I hid from friends and family. I eventually lost everything and for a brief period lived on the streets.

Then in 2015, I experienced a nervous breakdown whilst at work, I was signed off with work-related stress.

On my return my employers were less than empathetic and placed me on a Performance Improvement plan, within a month I was managed out of the business.

I then attempted to take my life by suicide, multiple times before asking for professional help.

I was diagnosed with:

▪️High functioning Anxiety


▪️Work-related stress

▪️Borderline PTSD

I chose to take the non medicated holistic approach to cure.

In recovery I walked the entire length of Britain over 90 days, sleeping in a tent at night and during the day telling my story to local newspapers and national television.

I used the knowledge and insights gained through lived experience of poor mental health to gain employment in the NHS as an IPS (Individual Placement Support) service manager in the early intervention and recovery mental health teams. The position was supporting people back into work after a long period of absence due to poor mental health or mental illness and leading a team of IPS specialist.

As well as having lived experience, I am qualifications in the following areas:

▪️Suicide first aid

▪️Life coaching


▪️Mental health first aid for adults and youths

▪️ Mental health general awareness

...and one of only a handful of Suicide First-Aid associate tutor trainers.

I have helped hundreds of people, manage their wellbeing, resulting in increased motivation, reduced sickness absence, increased productivity and overall happiness through a bespoke proactive toolkit and method that has been tried and tested and is also evidence-based.