Steve Carr

 Mental Health, Wellbeing, Suicide First Aid Tutor, Coach,.

Freelance Health & Wellbeing Consultant 


Taking Wellbeing Seriously

Steve Carr is Mental Health, Health & Wellbeing, Suicide First-Aid tutor And Coach

Employee Wellness Matters

Specialise in helping organisations and businesses with their employee wellbeing through bespoke workshops and talks.

This may include (and is not limited to).....

Asking for reasonable adjustments in the workplace to be made and how to implement them



Conflict resolution

Creating bespoke, individual, personalised wellbeing in the workplace toolkit’s and strategies

Mental health general awareness education

Suicide first aid qualifications

Mental health talks 



To improve employee wellbeing and reduce sickness absence in the workplace due to poor mental health.


His dedication for helping others came after multiple childhood traumas and a turbulent adulthood wrecked by addictions and mental health problems, leading to multiple suicide attempts. 

He emerged a man with a mission to change the world of mental health, to ensure no one has to face adversity or challenges alone.  Whilst in recovery he has chosen to share his story of hope, recovery and transformation through national television, radio, many major publications and at many nationally recognised business awards and events. 

He has shared the stage telling his inspirational story with many famous and well respect public figures.

He has worked for the NHS as an employment specialist team leader, managing a team of employment specialist, written many articles and blogs, worked with many well known and recognised organisations on their wellbeing strategies. 

He has written many articles, blogs and his work has been recognised by Facebook who credited him with the title of ‘Power Administrator’ for his online peer support group. Another huge achievement had been to co-authored a book on emerging proud after Suicide.  One of his most memorable accomplishments was walking from one end of Britain to the other with just £100, sleeping rough in a tent for 90 days after being diagnosed with several mental health conditions, raising awareness for both mental health and homelessness.  

He wrote a report on his finding and delivered it by hand by personal invitation to David Cameron at number 10 Downing Street. 

His work stems from personal experience of living with poor mental health, a mental illness and more importantly how to stay well and thrive after diagnosis.