Steve Carr

Steve Carr

Steve CarrSteve CarrSteve Carr

Mental Health

Workplace Wellbeing

Suicide First Aid 

Tutor - Trainer - Speaker


I specialize in helping organisations and businesses with their employee wellbeing by creating individual bespoke workplace wellbeing tool-kits, mental health general awareness and suicide first aid training. 


After losing my brother in a tragic car accident in my early teens, I battled with 25 years of drug addiction which I hid from friends and family.  I eventually lost everything and for a brief period lived on the streets

Then in 2015 I experienced a nervous breakdown whilst at work, I was signed off with work related stress.

On my return my employers were less than empathetic and placed me on a Performance Improvement plan, within a month I was managed out of the business.

I then attempted to take my life by suicide multiple times before asking for professional help.

I was diagnosed with:

  • High functioning Anxiety
  • Depression 
  • Work related stress 
  • Borderline PTSD 

In recovery I walked the entire length of Britain over 90 days, sleeping in a tent at night and during the day telling my story to local newspapers and national television.

I’m now a fully qualified mental health, workplace wellbeing, suicide first aid tutor, trainer and speaker.

The training I deliver helps every individual in every organisation create a bespoke personalized emotional wellbeing toolkit and strategy for when times get tough so that their employers know how best to support them.

In addition to the training, I supply the employer with the right tools to be able to track the wellbeing and mental health of staff.

The training is unique in its delivery,  incorporating stories from lived experience, which makes it easier for some to relate to.